UBRS Key Goal Guide


UBRS key element quest is a common annoyance, specifically on a fresh web server. It can be extremely difficult to find someone to open a locked ubrs key quest door, and lots of players not necessarily even bothered trying to full it. To obtain the UBRS key, you must kill Ony and work around the machine, which can be labor intensive and difficult. This guide will show you ways to complete the quest.

There are numerous ways to get the UBRS key, that happen to be quite easy on established hosting space. The first method is to get a great Ony important, which can be extracted from Gnuthulhu (the Undead Warlock), Fthagn (Undead Warrior Rhyleya), or Thunderhorn (Troll Hunter). It takes considerable time, and the drop rates will be low. If you find someone to open the UBRS door, the process is much simpler, but is actually still not ideal.

Obtaining an UBRS key is a comparatively common pursuit in established servers. The sole requirement of making a great UBRS key is LBRS. Yet , you can also miss out the Ony key pursuit line if you're doing it the traditional way. For example , the Undead Warlock Gnuthulhu could make an UBRS by purchasing an Unadorned Seal of Ascension in the trash in LBRS. In addition , you can forget about the UBRS key with just the different two LBRS bosses.